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Welcome to our Spring 2021 issue of demo.

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"The theme of this latest edition of demo is “Spirit”... It is indeed a spirit of energy, curiosity and passion for the transformative power of music that demo captures so well.
Whether you are a long-time friend or a first-time reader, welcome. During the dark and difficult days of the past year, as we have been separated from one another both by public decree and out of concern for each other’s safety, music has continued to unite our spirits, just as it always has. But beyond that, music has become our coping mechanism, our emotional salve, and an ever-present reminder of happier days spent together."

Join us while we explore the different relationships spirit has with us and with music.

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7. Cover Interview: Clairmont the Second1. Where are we going to rock now?4. Voodoo in my basement2. But I'm not a Musician3. DJ Pøptrt Takes Us to Her Virtual Club6.The Spirit of Listening during a Pandemic9. The Legacy of Posthumous Releases5. Getting Lost in Psychedelic Music11. Smells Like Teen Spirit
14. Democracy, My Beloved17. Music for a Toronto Night Out16. The Creature Comforts of Bedroom Pop10. Sounds of the West Sahara15. How to be Punk13. Zooming God12. Beats to Relax/Quarantine To
8. Virtual Performance by Sabby Sousa



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