Weather Permitting by The Get Alongs

I think I can justify my social media addiction by saying it enabled me to write this review. The internet is good for many things, especially hearing about new records from local bands. Following their seemingly packed release show at the Monarch Tavern on January 26, I was inspired to sit down and listen to the record. Spoiler alert: It's well worth all the fuss. This record broke me out of my steady loop of Radiohead's In Rainbows, and I couldn't be more happy about it. 

From the first track, I was immediately in love. The bright, infectious guitar and overall upbeat energy made me forget my vitamin D deficiency and transported me straight to the warmer months. Their sound—a rougher, more distorted and twangy version of Vancouver's Peach Pit—feels like a flash of sunlight and blue skies on an otherwise overcast day. The rest of the record has a similar ability, practically begging you to put it on max volume and dance around. Though you might piss off whoever lives below you, I think it's worth the catharsis of feeling like you're in a well-soundtracked indie film. I loved that the bass was always audible, because it grounded the moments of more intense guitar. At various points, extra percussion elements—like a tambourine and a cowbell—add another layer of complexity and help keep things interesting for the listener. The complex blend from the instruments makes this a record that you can listen to on repeat, still hearing something new each time. The vocals spoke to me despite sounding like they've gone through some filter, adding a very authentic, human touch that I enjoyed.

Though I enjoyed the more uptempo tracks that Weather Permitting offers, the slower songs were a bright spot for me. These tracks add so much dimension without disrupting the record's flow, which is an issue that often arises because artists today feel obligated to add fillers to lengthen the total runtime. Instead of being an afterthought, they allowed me to soak in all the intricacies and appreciate everything that was going on. "The Roller" has since become a staple in my rotation, one that I highly recommend to friends. If you want to woo someone with your underground music taste, Weather Permitting is the way. The closing track made me want to listen all over again, and that's no small feat for me. The Get Alongs' ability to do everything with such skill is indicative of how talented they are. 

From top to bottom, Weather Permitting is a great listen. Everything from the organization to the execution of the tracks was all worth the hype. It's the kind of record that acts as a portable piece of sunshine that reminds you of a summer afternoon's warmth during a wintry night. Judging from the sheer triumph of their second release, I'm looking forward to how The Get Alongs will evolve.