Toronto's Darling: Men I Trust @ History

Photo by Gabrielle
Photo by Gabrielle

In a mesmerizing display of musical talent, the long-awaited Men I Trust concert at Toronto’s History venue enraptured the audience with an extraordinary blend of effortless guitar riffs, velvety bass, compelling drum beats, and an ethereal voice. The evening kicked off with their adored 2017 single, "Tailwhip," coaxing the crowd into a gentle, excited two-step as the song crescendoed to the chorus and welcomed the band onto the stage.

The stage itself was sturdy in simplicity, featuring an oval-shaped white screen reflecting the hues of the stage lights, complemented by Emma's iconic yellow Stratocaster. Adding to the magic of the night, it was their drummer Ridge's birthday, adding an extra special layer of warmth and affection from the audience.

The Audience on a Journey to Paradise

“Ring of Past” and “Lauren” were particularly incredible standouts at the beginning of their set. One truly felt weightless as the blend of Emma's vocals and a gentle bassline transported you to a mental tranquil oasis. One could almost secure rollerskates onto one's feet and glide through the surface area of the venue.

A thrilling moment arrived mid-show when the band unveiled an unreleased track from their upcoming album. The song boasted a deep 80s-inspired bassline and a straightforward yet captivating drum pattern. The overall sound was different from the usual; it had more of an upbeat disco sound yet kept their signature elements of heavenly vocals and a strong bassline. Fans eagerly anticipated the band's future musical offerings after hearing a teaser of what’s next to come.

A Seven-in-one Masterpiece

A highlight of the evening was a seamless transition of songs: "Oncle Jazz," "Norton Commander (All We Need)," "Hard To Let Go," "Numb," "Lifelong Song," "Lucky Sue," and "Tree Among Shrubs." Together they acted as one long ballad-like piece. The dynamic tempo changes, shifting effortlessly from smooth slow melodies to fast beats and back again, showcased the band's extraordinary versatility and musical finesse, leaving the audience in awe.

The Dazzling Finale

As the night drew to a close, Men I Trust graced the crowd with their timeless classic, “Show Me How,” its haunting major chords and featherlight vocals resonating through the venue. The audience, lost in the music, sang back to the band, their eyes alight with nostalgia, many recalling the first time they fell in love with Men I Trust's sound.

After leaving the stage, the crowd roared for more. Men I Trust returned for an encore, treating their fans to two electrifying performances: “Seven,” featuring a powerful guitar solo that reverberated through the venue, and “Billy Toppy,” inciting a spirited mini mosh pit. The energy crescendoed through the venue all the way to the final song. With gratitude and love, the band bid their farewell, taking a joyful bow, Ridge's birthday hat in hand, as they exited the stage.

What really touched my soul was how happy the band looked on stage together. They seemed to be genuinely enjoying themselves, entirely at ease, sharing their music with their fans. There wasn't a hint of visible nerves; instead, you could sense their calmness and contentment. Their joy was infectious, spreading throughout the crowd and creating a warm, comfortable atmosphere. It was evident that they were not just performers but also music lovers, relishing every moment of the experience and making it incredibly special for everyone present.

Men I Trust delivered a masterful performance, showcasing their diverse discography and unparalleled live performance skills. Overall, the audience was kept engaged and mesmerized by the band, all while generally remaining respectful. The night at History will forever hold a special place in my heart as one of the most cherished concerts I attended this year. Be sure to keep your ears tuned for the release of their eagerly awaited new album—it’s bound to be a masterpiece.