Playlist: Songs for Falling in Love

Is this what it feels like to fall?

Image: Joseph Lorusso's "Lovers and Lautrec"

"I'd like to walk around in your mind someday, I'd like to walk all over the things you say to me / I'd sit there in the sun of the things I like about you, I'd sing my songs and find out just what they mean to you."

If I knew what love is (and I think I do, a version of it), this would be my soundtrack. There is a fluctuation between quiet tenderness, to the bursting at the seams. Love is not an emotion. It's a portal through which humans have traditionally experienced great emotions: empathy, rage, yearning, nostalgia. It's a premise around which we gather to tell our stories and to dream about our future selves. For some, it is steady ground. For others, a welcome earthquake. It exists in the spaces between us: between our shy smiles, our reaching hands, the nervous wavering of our voices in brave confessions.

These songs distill the vast range of everything that love contains.

Mena Fouda

Chief Online Editor