Snap Out of it: Sunshine Express’s New Single “UNSHINE”

Niagara’s own Sunshine Express positively sparkle on their new single “UNSHINE”. Released on March 28th, this fresh track compels the listener to embrace nihilism and follow wherever life leads them, regardless of where that might be. The track starts off by snapping you out of your daily trance with a catchy bass riff,  and immediately becomes an anthem to abandon perfection and reconsider how you waste your days, or even your life. While I doubt the band intends to inspire you to quit your day job or the pursuit of your education, the single certainly makes you consider what it is that you’re really doing on this planet. Aside from Sunshine Express’ clear philosophical prowess, they also deliver a sonic experience that is uniquely and refreshingly their own. Presenting a masterful fusion of recognizable rock sounds with electronic elements and autotune, this band is a force to be reckoned with. Sunshine Express’s experimental nature is what makes this track so poignant, offering themselves and their own auditory creation as a guideline for breaking boundaries. Their proven ability to dance outside the lines with such elegance is what makes them a powerhouse, forging new pathways with each release. Clearly, “UNSHINE” is no exception to the rule, drawing on uniquely human experiences and abstract sound to drive their point home. While this track is occasionally the devil on my shoulder during exam season, I also find it to be a perfect reminder to live life rather than let it pass me by. 

This song serves as an expertly delivered vociferation on both meaninglessness of life and the endless possibilities that are within reach when you step outside the lines and stop caring so much.