The Infection of Infatuation: Sickness by Jacob’s Ladder

There’s something universal about the ache of affection that is borderline damaging, whether that’s something as pure as love or as shallow as infatuation. Set to release on July 5th, the debut single “Sickness” by Jacob’s Ladder is a testament to these feelings. Soft, slow and fiercely sad, this track perfectly embodies the yearning from both sides of a relationship doomed to fail. Featuring melodic guitars and Melissa Paju’s instantly recognizable vocals, the song has all the makings of an instant sad girl classic. The band offers a fresh angle on themes that have permeated indie since the genre’s conception, making losing love feel like something entirely original. This is certainly a track for wallowing, wrapping the listener in its several layers and harmonies like a wool blanket. Despite the minimal and mellow instrumentation, there is a fullness to this song that seems to fill the room, leaving you no choice but to feel its weight. There’s an immediate sense of familiarity embedded into it that left me feeling like I’d found the musical version of my favourite jeans. The song offers you a piece of itself with every listen, providing a firsthand example of what the lyrics describe. “Sickness” flawlessly captures the beauty in destruction, neatly packaged in 4 minutes and 58 seconds.