Review: Taylor Swift and Shawn Mendes Collab on "Lover" Remix

Time for the Swifties and Mendes Army to go wild.

Taylor Swift, known for her country style music, has released a remix of her song “Lover”, now featuring heartthrob featuring heartthrob Shawn Mendes. The song has a suspenseful feel, with a slow rhythm. It’s intense, but also relaxed thanks to the slow, steady pace; quite a combination of the two emotions. Swift has a voice of desperation, as she calls for her lover. On the other hand, Mendes uses his voice to entice his girl (Camila, perhaps?) When both artists sing the chorus together, it gives me goosebumps. You can hear that craving for love from both Swift and Mendes. Swift gives power, and Mendes makes hearts swoon.

The “Lover” remix is a great collaboration of the two stars, and just in time for the holidays. It’s a great song to play while putting up that Christmas tree, getting some hot cocoa, or just for lounging around the house while wearing pjs and reading socks.