Review: Princess Nokia's DIY Designer Single

The rapper disses hype beasts in her latest single

Rapper and singer-songwriter, Princess Nokia, released her new single “Balenciaga” and its accompanying video on November 15th.

Referencing the French fashion house most popular nowadays for its infamous Dad shoes, Nokia raps “Sketchers looking like Balenciaga/Thrift clothes looking like the Prada/Whole fit lit, it cost me nada,” discarding articles of clothing as she walks down a New York Street.

Barring comparisons to Macklemore, lyrics like “Looking like a milli' but I only cost twenty” celebrate the joys of thrifting in the big city, while others like “is that Vetements/Yves Saint Laurent?/Is it Off-White/Or Comme des Garçons?/Is that Chanel/Or basic as hell?” seem to inadvertently advertise the brands themselves. Nonetheless, the single is a welcome sneak peek of Nokia’s upcoming album “Curveball,” as well as a departure from Nokia’s emo “A Girl Cried Red,” released in 2018. Despite its lyrical simplicity, the single is engaging; as Nokia raps “dress for myself, I don't dress for hype/I dress for myself, you dress for the likes,” she straddles the tired line between “quirky girl” and “cool girl” with refreshingly honest confidence. “Balenciaga” is a return to form for Nokia, complete with playful lyrics, classic beats, and ever-present references to the NYC she knows and loves.