Playlist: Women in the Witching Hour

Now, who shall be the sacrifice?

"Here I go, and I don't know why... I flow so ceaselessly..."

There exist multitudes in the crooning voices of these women. What binds them together is not a shared pain, or a common frustration, but their different abilities to evoke emotions within an audience. There is a thread of promise that weaves itself through these songs, the promise that you are allowed (and encouraged) to lose yourself within their artistry. There is no rigid instruction as to how you should listen to these women. You can dance when compelled to, you can devilishly smile if inspired, you can be enraged within a circle of sisterhood.

Kelsey Lu sings, "Is my heart too much for you, to succumb to what has risen?" For some people, maybe it is. But in this circle of women singing with both urgency and delicacy, there is an understanding.

Mena Fouda

Chief Online Editor